Hair and make up by Gaby What were some of the reservations you had about a Boudoir Photographic Experience? So fun and so rewarding!!! How has this experience boosted your overall morale? Truly brought out my inert movie star, diva, and all parts of my authentic self. Cannot wait for the album! What was the […]

Body Love Project

December 13, 2023

Miss L- Body Love Project ‘…helped me brace my femininity.’

When I look through the questionnaires our clients fill out after their boudoir session, I am always so moved by their stories. Each and every woman has a story of overcoming and persevering. Today, I want to share one of those stories with you. This is the story of Kelly. Kelly had never done anything […]

Body Love Project

September 29, 2022

Black Swan Body Love Project Seattle – Kelly

“If it’s not hard, you’re not dreaming big enough.” Tory Burch Laurie does dream big! She’s a runner who competes in many events all over the USA. We are amazed by her running skills and now she was ready to try another thrilling adventure…her own boudoir session. She was fabulous. She is a mother of […]


May 23, 2022

Body Love Project- Laurie